November 29, 2020- Advent I

Welcome to Trinity’s online worship service!  The liturgy has been adapted for online use.  We are so glad you chose to join us for virtual worship, and we’d be very excited if you you are comfortable to chose to join us in-person on Sunday’s at 10 am in the Nave.
If you are able please consider an offering for God’s work in the world: Tithely
Gathering Hymn : Awake! Awake, and Greet the New Morn (ELW #242)
1 Awake! Awake, and greet the new morn,
for angels herald its dawning.
Sing out your joy, for soon he is born,
behold! the Child of our longing.
Come as a baby weak and poor,
to bring all hearts together, he opens wide the heav’nly door
and lives now inside us forever.

2 To us, to all in sorrow and fear,
Emmanuel comes a singing,
his humble song is quiet and near,
yet fills the earth with its ringing;
music to heal the broken soul
and hymns of loving kindness, the thunder of his anthems roll
to shatter all hatred and blindness.

In darkest night his coming shall be,
when all the world is despairing,
as morning light so quiet and free,
so warm and gentle and caring.
Then shall the mute break forth in song,
the lame shall leap in wonder, the weak be raised above the
strong, and weapons be broken asunder.

4 Rejoice, rejoice, take heart in the night,
though dark the winter and cheerless,
the rising sun shall crown you with light,
be strong and loving and fearless.
Love be our song and love our prayer
and love our endless story; may God fill ev’ry day we share
and bring us at last into glory.
Invocation and Confession: Invocation and Confession – YouTube
Advent Wreath Lighting and Prayer: Advent Wreath Prayer – YouTube
Hymn: Light One Candle to Watch for Messiah (ELW #240)
1 Light one candle to watch for Messiah:
let the light banish darkness.
He shall bring salvation to Israel,
God fulfills the promise.
First Lesson: Isaiah 64:1-9
Psalm 80:1-7,17-19
Second Lesson: 1 Corinthians 1:3-9
Children’s Sermon: Children’s Sermon – YouTube
Gospel and Sermon: Mark 13:24-37 Gospel and Sermon – YouTube
Hymn of the Day: Baptized in Water (ELW #456)
1 Baptized in water, sealed by the Spirit,
cleansed by the blood of Christ our king:
heirs of salvation, trusting his promise,
faithfully now God’s praise we sing.

2 Baptized in water, sealed by the Spirit,
dead in the tomb with Christ our king:
one with his rising, freed and forgiven,
thankfully now God’s praise we sing.

3 Baptized in water, sealed by the Spirit,
marked with the sign of Christ our king:
born of the Spirit, we are God’s children;
joyfully now God’s praise we sing.

Prayers of Intercession: Prayers of Intercession – YouTube
1 Rejoice, rejoice, believers, and let your lights appear;
the evening is advancing, and darker night is near.
The bridegroom is arising and soon is drawing nigh.
Up, pray and watch and wrestle; at midnight comes the cry.
2 The watchers on the mountain proclaim the bridegroom near;
go forth as he approaches with alleluias clear.
The marriage feast is waiting; the gates wide open stand.
Arise, O heirs of glory; the bridegroom is at hand.

3 The saints, who here in patience their cross and suff’rings bore,
shall live and reign forever when sorrow is no more.
Around the throne of glory the Lamb they shall behold;
in triumph cast before him their diadems of gold.

4 Our hope and expectation, O Jesus, now appear;
arise, O Sun so longed for, o’er this benighted sphere.
With hearts and hands uplifted, we plead, O Lord, to see
the day of earth’s redemption that sets your people free!
Blessing and Dismissal: Blessing and Dismissal – YouTube