November 1, 2020- All Saints Sunday

Welcome to Trinity’s online worship service!  The liturgy has been adapted for online use and some hymns have been eliminated to streamline the online service.  We are so glad you chose to join us for virtual worship, and we’d be very excited if you chose to join us in-person on Sunday’s at 10 am in the Nave.
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Gathering Hymn : Give Thanks for the Saints (ELW #428)
1 Give thanks for those whose faith is firm
when all around seems bleak:
on God’s good promise they rely,
so while they live and when they die
how forcefully they speak—
the strong, who once were weak!

2 Give thanks for those whose hope is clear,
beyond mere mortal sight:
who seek the city God has planned,
the true, eternal promised land,
and steer on toward that light,
a beacon ever bright.

3 Give thanks for those whose love is pure,
a sparkling precious stone:
they show by what they say and do
an inward beauty, warm and true,
for God’s concerns they own—
God’s love through them is known.

4 Give thanks for saints of ages past
and saints alive today:
though often by this world despised,
their hearts by God are richly prized.
Give thanks that we may say
we share their pilgrim way.
Kyrie/Hymn of Praise from All Things New by N. Carroll:
First Lesson: Revelation 7:9-17
Psalm 34
Second Lesson:1 John 3:1-3
Gospel Acclamation from All Things New by N. Carroll:
Hymn of the Day: Sing with All the Saints in Glory ELW #426

1 Sing with all the saints in glory,
sing the resurrection song!
Death and sorrow, earth’s dark story,
to the former days belong.
All around the clouds are breaking,
soon the storms of time shall cease;
in God’s likeness we awaken,
knowing everlasting peace.

2 Oh, what glory, far exceeding
all that eye has yet perceived!
Holiest hearts for ages pleading
never that full joy conceived.
God has promised, Christ prepares it,
there on high our welcome waits.
Ev-‘ry humble spirit shares it,
Christ has passed the eternal gates.

3Life eternal! heav’n rejoices:
Jesus lives who once was dead.
Shout with joy, O deathless voices!
Child of God, lift up your head!
Life eternal! Oh, what wonders
crowd on faith; what joy unknown,
when, amid earth’s closing thunders,
saints shall stand before the throne!
Prayers of Intercession and Lord’s Prayer:
Sending Hymn: O Day Full of Grace (ELW #627)

1 O day full of grace that now we see
appearing on earth’s horizon,
bring light from our God that we may be
abundant in joy this season.
God, shine for us now in this dark place;
your name on our hearts emblazon.

5 When we on that final journey go
that Christ is for us preparing,
we’ll gather in song, our hearts aglow,
all joy of the heavens sharing,
and there we will join God’s endless praise,
with angels and saints adoring.
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