Music at Trinity

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. -Psalm 95:1
Lutherans believe that music is essential to worship and that Jesus is the heart.  We make music for the glory of God not for ourselves. The goal of Trinity’s Director of Music, Nicholas Carroll is that EVERYONE participates.  Our liturgy and hymns are chosen specifically each week to go along with the scripture readings for the day.  Hymns are led in such a way that all God’s people have the opportunity to join in the singing of for the glory of God.  In addition to assembly song and special music the following groups are available:
TLC Choir is a group made up of passionate singers and those who just want to make a joyful noise.   We practice after 10:00 worship each week. Performances are generally once a month and during church festivals.
The Wittenberg Bells are our Handbell Choir that rehearse and perform periodically as member schedules allows.
The TLC Praise Band led by Guitarist/Vocalist, Don Robinson, is responsible for our more contemporary style pieces.