August 2, 2020 – Time After Pentecost

Welcome to Trinity’s online worship service!  The youtube playlist contains most of the service.  We ask that you do not skip any portions of the service just as you would not at in-person worship.  We are so glad you chose to join us for virtual worship.

If you are able please consider an offering for God’s work in the world: Tithely
Prelude: Limu, Limu, Lima (Traditional Swedish Prayer) arr. P. Schindler 
Gathering Hymn: Lord, This Day We’ve Come to Worship (TFF #137)
Invocation/Confession and Forgiveness
Hymn of Praise: Glory to God from This Far By Faith 
Prayer of the Day
First Lesson: Isaiah 55:1-5 (God invites Israel to a great feast at which both food and drink are free. God also promises to make an everlasting covenant with all peoples, with promises that previously had been limited to Israel.  As David was a witness to teh nations, these nations shall now acknowledge the ways in which God has glorified Israel.) 
Psalm 145:8-9, 14-21 (You open wide your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing)
Second Lesson: Romans 9:1-5 (This begins a new section in Paul’s letter in which he will deal with the place of Israel in God’s saving plan. He opens by highlighting how Israel’s heritage and legacy include being God’s children, having God’s covenants, being given God’s law, participating in worship of God, and receiving divine promises.)
Children’s Sermon
Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia from This Far By Faith
Gospel and Sermon: Matthew 14:13-21 (After John the Baptist is murdered, Jesus desires a time of solitude.  Still his compassion for others will not allow him to dismiss those who need him, and he moved to perform one of his greatest miracles.)
Hymn of the Day: Break Now the Bread of Life (ELW #515)
Nicene Creed
Prayers of Intercession and Lord’s Prayer
Offering Music: Nuestro Padre nos Invita (God Extends an Invitation) M. Kolling
Sanctus: Holy, Holy, Holy from This Far By Faith
Lamb of God: From This Far By Faith
Sending Hymn: Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness (ELW #843)
Blessing and Dismissal

Postlude: Allemande from French Suite VI J. S. Bach

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